Looking Your Best in Your Golden Years

Nobody reaches old age without a lot of work. We work hard all our lives to support ourselves and our families, and we save up carefully so that we can retire comfortably. We work to keep ourselves healthy — or, at least, we do as well as we can! And throughout our lives, we deal with stress, responsibilities, and tough times. This life has a lot of joy, but it sure does age you!


So when we reach our golden years, we want to make the most of them. That means staying active and enjoying the fruits of our hard work and savings. It should also mean feeling like we look our best and put our best face forward among loved ones and in public. It isn’t always easy feeling attractive as a senior, but you have a lot of ways to maximize your natural looks. Here are just a few to consider.


Timeless advice


Beauty products and plastic surgery are great, but there’s a reason that so much of the best beauty advice has to do with your health. When you care for and nourish your body, you give your body the things that it needs to look its best. In many ways, beauty is just the outward manifestation of health!


Caring for your body doesn’t just mean staying skinny. You should be sure to eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Your skin needs some nutrients, while your hair and nails need others. Your muscles need different things from your eyes, and all of what you eat should come in the proper portions. Combined with exercise, a balanced diet with a focus on whole foods (especially vegetables) will give you your best possible body and the best possible look for your skin, hair, and other key parts of your beauty.


This is timeless advice for people of all ages. It was true when you were younger, it’s especially true now — nutrition, exercise, and other health essentials only grow more important as you age.


Caring for your dental needs


Everyone knows that that they should brush (twice a day, at least) and floss (once a day, at least) — but seniors know that healthy teeth don’t last forever, even if you work hard to care for yours.


But great dental care only grows more important as you start relying on bridges and dentures, explain the experts at a denture clinic in Calgary, Canada. Dentures are not all the same, and a natural, beautiful pair that fits and functions well for you could make a huge difference in your looks.


Dentures and dental care for seniors are about more than just looks, of course. But don’t underestimate the power of a radiant smile! Teeth are a big factor in looks, and smiling will give you a psychological advantage in the beauty department — science proves it!


Pay attention to your skin’s new needs


A lot of beauty advice has to do with skin care. When we’re young, we’re always applying moisturizing creams or makeup on our skin. When we grow older, our skin’s looks still matter — but we need to be careful about what we put on it!


Skin can grow more sensitive as it ages. Seniors should be wary of certain skin care and beauty products. Hot water can be an issue, too. Changing your skin care routine could actually give you better skin in old age, because the products and hot showers that you once used to keep your skin looking fresh may now cause rashes and irritation. As your skin changes, opt for milder soaps, cooler water, and less intense makeup and beauty routines.

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