Can a Slip and Fall Cause a Bulging Disc?

Personal injuries are all too common, and a slip and fall is one of the most frequent causes. This type of accident can cause any number of injuries, and a bulging disc is one of the possibilities. It’s, unfortunately, not even an uncommon result. Landing on one’s back is always a real possibility for a serious injury. The spinal column is essentially a link of individual vertebrae and between each of these is a spinal disc. The purpose of these discs is to absorb shock from impacts in order to protect the vertebrae and keep them in place. Obviously, a fall constitutes as a large shock and can cause these discs to bulge between the vertebrae or even rupture (also known as herniated disc). This is a serious condition, and the following are some steps you’ll likely want to take afterwards.

Medical care

As with any injury, you should seek medical care ASAP. Bulging or ruptured discs are a painful condition, so you’ll likely waste no time in this situation. Treatment for the condition can vary. In many cases, a few weeks of bed rest will be prescribed, and the condition will heal on its own. This is not always the case, however. A bulging disk can result in permanent injury, especially in those who already suffer back problems. The condition can lead to surgery and other expensive medical treatments.

In cases like this, you may be entitled to compensation for your time and injury, especially if the fall was caused by another party’s negligence. You may want to contact a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles to discuss your case. Personal injury lawyers typically work on contingency fees, so you won’t owe anything unless they actually win your case.

The immediate medical care will be important to your case, as it proves that the injury was due to the fall instead of some other source. It will also help you keep a consistent medical record from the start, as any gaps can be a huge detriment to your case. You’ll want to keep your records updated by attending all follow up appointments and taking your treatment seriously. Even if you are transferred to another location, health information exchange will ensure your records are kept properly. This will help protect you from attempts to discredit your claim.

Client role in an injury case

Just because you’ve found a potential lawyer doesn’t mean you should (or even can) leave all the work up to them. There are some useful ways you can prepare for your first meeting and continue to be helpful from there. Initially, you’ll want to gather any relevant evidence and other materials pertaining to the case. This will include any photographic evidence of the scene, accident reports, medical records, and contact information for doctors. Preparing these materials will show that you are taking your case seriously and make a lawyer more likely to accept your case.

You’ll also need to keep up effective communication throughout your case. Most importantly, you’ll need to consistently provide updates on your medical condition. The degree of injuries sustained and the nature of your recovery will be giant factors to be considered in the case and can greatly impact your settlement. Additionally, you’ll want to keep your lawyer updated on any further developments in the case. Whenever someone contacts you about the case, you should be reporting this to your lawyer. These can often be parties interested in the case looking to discredit your claim, so direct any questions they may have to your lawyer. It’s important not to speak unnecessarily about your case or have a personal social media presence during this time. Virtually, anything can be used against you in court.

While no case is a guaranteed success, following these guidelines will provide your best chance.

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